Why is there still conflict? List at least THREE historical events/data.
There is still conflict between Israel and Palestine because… 
1. The United Nations Plan for Palestine
The United Nation’s Plan was to divide Palestine into two states, an Arab and Jewish state. Also, their plan is to make the city Jerusalem an international zone (a zone ruled by an international law between two or more nations) by the UN. The UN can only help if there is a problem between two or more nations. Since the conflict is not between two or more nations, it is between two different groups of people, the UN can’t really help out. They can only give a proposal. 

2. The Intifada 
Intifada is a word that means “shaking off” in Arabic. As it is translated in English it also means “uprising”. 
The number of harassment of Palestinians increased because of the Israeli’s being violent. The Israeli’s were deporting political activists, taking land, and harassing Palestinian’s. They even charged Palestinian’s taxes that they didn’t benefit from. Israeli’s took control and Palestinian’s didn’t really have a say. When an Israeli military vehicle got into an accident it killed 4 Palestinians. After this accident there were protests that led into a bigger protest causing problems throughout the Occupied Territories, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This accident caused an “intifada” to form. The intifada became a big problem leaving thousands of Israelis and Palestinians dead. 

3. The 1967 War 
During the 1967 war, Nasser, an Egyptian president, threatened to go to war with Israel. After Israel considered to prepare for combat and landed attacks on Palestinian groups, there was war. Israel made a surprise attack on Egypt on June 5, 1967. Then 6 days later, Israel defeated some countries and territories in the Middle East such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and took the Occupied Territories (Gaza Strip and West Bank), the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula. Israel also made Jerusalem Israel’s capital which made the Muslims and Arabs mad since Jerusalem is important holy city to them too. After the 1967 War, Israel took control and started destroying a few Arab villages and towns and started building Jewish towns.

Where precisely is this taking place? (Detailed areas).
This conflict is taking place in the Middle East, which is made up of the continents of Asia and Africa. It is specifically taking place in Israel and Palestine. It is also taking place in parts of Israel/Palestine such as the Occupied Territories (Gaza Strip and West Bank) and Jerusalem. 

What is the conflict about?
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is about the land and property in Israel and the Occupied Territories which both religions and groups want a hold of.

When did this begin? 
The conflict originated in the mid-late 19th century. Specifically in 1948, the Arab countries didn’t like the idea of the partition plan that the UN had. The Arab countries attacked Israel trying to destroy it.

Who is specifically fighting?
The Israelis and the Palestinians are fighting over land. Specifically the Arabs and the Jews are in conflict.